Tower of London - KJW Accountants

Terms & Conditions

  1. All estimates provided by Voitek Builders assume uninterrupted access to the facilities and free access to power supply, toilets and warm running water when required.
  2. Each estimate is not a set quote. Fixed price will be settled by mutual agreement before the work commences.
  3. Any decorating, tiling etc. work assumes standard size and materials used as well as surface being in stable condition, unless otherwise stated. Use of glass, stones, granites, oversized or small tiles increases the cost of service. Should the plumber, carpenter or other contractor be required we reserve the right to instruct on your behalf and invoice you.
  4. Any plumbing work carried out by Voitek Builders assumes fittings supplied by the client to be compliant with existing plumbing in the building, unless otherwise stated.
  5. Removal of large rubbish, such as packaging, old bathroom suites, kitchen units etc. is the sole responsibility of the client. Voitek Builders can arrange removal of such items on request and the adequate charge will be added to the cost of service.
  6. Although using all due care and attention when removing or replacing existing fittings, Voitek Builders takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur.
  7. We provide as detailed estimates as possible. Only explicitly listed services are included. If you have any queries, questions or wish to include additional listings, please contact us for a revision of the estimate.
  8. Wherever the specification of the works changed or increased or unforeseen problems were encountered and dealt with, Voitek Builders reserves the right to alter the estimate and final invoice. We consult client before any extra work is undertaken. If such work is carried out, extra costs will be added to the final invoice. Voitek Builders may refuse to carry out any extra work requested after estimate acceptance.
  9. We reserve the right to display our logo / advertisement on the building site.
  10. We require 30% non-refundable security deposit before commencing any work. Where Voitek Builders is unable to deliver the service agreed, the deposit will be refunded in full.
  11. Read Terms and Conditions carefully before paying deposit. Payment of deposit is equivalent to T&C acceptance. Always refer to the Terms and Conditions we supply with your estimate as it may differ from these displayed here.